Visionary Team

Led by Reliance Properties and Jim Pattison Developments, this visionary team is focused on enhancing the urban experience while working with the City to create residential and commercial solutions that will guide Vancouver’s continued growth. Burrard Place offers Vancouver’s premier commercial and residential opportunities in the city’s most significant mixed-use development.

564 Beaty

Reliance Properties


Reliance Properties brings more than fifty years of real estate expertise to Burrard Place. Long recognized for their customer–first approach to development and their unwavering dedication to quality in every aspect of a project, Reliance has envisioned Burrard Place as a singular community that will combine premium residential, commercial and office and bring a new level of sophistication to Downtown Vancouver.

1166 W Pender

601 Pender

Surrey City Centre Library

Bing Thom Architects
(now Revery Architecture)

Design Architects

Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects (now Revery Architecture), brings award-winning international experience to the Offices at Burrard Place. A diversity of high-profile projects ranging from residential and hospitality to institutional and cultural, have brought Bing Thom international acclaim for his celebrated projects in Vancouver, Washington DC, Fort Worth, Texas, Surrey City Centre, UBC and in Hong Kong. A fundamental belief in community, innovation, landscape and the human experience drives Thoms’s practice. Bing Thom passed away in October 2016.


IBI Architects

Architectural Services

With a knowledge base that spans urban planning, engineering and architecture, IBI Group has the experience and expertise to combine refined architectural design with the infrastructure and functionality required in a sophisticated, environmentally conscious project on the grand scale of Burrard Place. Their iconic design for One Burrard Place will bring a striking new landmark on the Vancouver skyline.

One Burrard Place

Offices of Macfarlane Biggar

Interior Design

A multi–award winning firm, OMB has developed interiors for some of Vancouver’s most significant residential towers. OMB believes that a foundation of simplicity provides the perfect palette for layers of luxury. From floor plans to fixtures and finishes the team at OMB have created interiors at Burrard Place that are the equal of stunning architecture that surrounds them.

West Pender Place


Construction Team

Established in 1983, ITC Construction Group is the leader in residential high-rise construction in Greater Vancouver and throughout Western Canada. ITC supports rejuvenation, innovation, and sustainability of construction projects in high-density urban communities in North America. Supported by quality relationships with clients, consultants and trades, ITC has completed over 150 major high-rise towers.